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HandPainted Nontoxic Tapri Glass - Set of 6 - Zingalala
HandPainted Nontoxic Tapri Glass - Set of 6 - Zingalala
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HandPainted Nontoxic Tapri Glass - Set of 6 - Zingalala

Product Description

Handpainted designer glass tumbler set of six glasses :Zingalala
Theme :: : On this art piece I have expressed one of the most common human form of celebaration that is ,Dance. Some form of dance can be found in every culture, regardless of its location. It is easy to see that dance is a natural, universal human activity. The tribal dance has been characterized by humans dancing in abandon to the beatings of drums and humming ‘Zingalala hoo hoo’ . This is exactly what I have captured here.
Description : Completely Hand painted, classy, premium home décor cum utility gift. Makes a beautiful practical present . Usage : If you expect some guests with a customary taste then don’t forget to delight them by serving Tea, Coffee, , Buttermilk, Soup or any beverage in these unique designer artefacts. You can also fill the entire set of each glass with different dry fruits, sweets, chocolates, mouth fresheners, candles and so on and gift them on special occasions for special memories. These are designed with non toxic and food safe materials so that you may use it as an item of Home décor with Utility. The high class glossy coat protects the shades from fading away along with a long lasting classy look ! Product Details :
Set of six glasses with Stand Material: Glass, metal stand, non toxic and food safe acrylic paint, non toxic glossy coats/ lamination Volume/Capacity : 150ml Weight: 1000gms. Height : 3.3 Inches. (5.5 cmsX 8.5cms) Washing advise : Gentle wash with mild detergent recommended.
Please Note : Slight variations in shades may occur as each item is hand painted and unique For more images of this product click on below link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/afgjnfllhcac5zf/AADYIAsiSsK4_R9syiAkHXTZa?dl=0 For A KrazyMug’s complete range


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